Drupal vs WordPress, better for Website

Posted: June 28, 2013 in Wordpress Tips

Drupal or WordPress, Which CMS is way better for ones Website

When you require to make your online presence, in simple words when you require to generate your blog to consider the best platform. Nowadays, there’s two hottest and feature rich platforms, it’s WordPress on the one hand and Drupal on the other half. Both the platforms have their own features and generating a option is quite hard. In addition to this, both the platforms offer easy and proper management of content and site. Herein are a few points that will elaborate the features of both the platforms.

Drupal vs WordPress, better for Website

Themes WordPress never runs short of new themes. It provides a strong network; therefore, the themes are updated constantly for meeting the dynamics in the cyberspace. Drupal, on the other hand will not offer much themes in comparison to WordPress. However, in WordPress whenever you need a different theme, you should search it with the internet. Alternatively, Drupal facilitates you with all the substitute for customize your own theme as per your requirement.
Drupal vs WordPress, better for Website

If you are searching for any simple designed and light-weight featured website, then WordPress is the platform to select. However in case you need extensive features and heavy design to your website, then Drupal will serve your family needs. Drupal supports complex designs and facilitates your internet site with ample features.


Drupal is definitely an open source website cms that gives maximum customization. Unlike WordPress, Drupal allows its user to educate yourself regarding and utilize CMS according to their specific requirements. Designs and themes are ready to accept customization; this feature isn’t completely obtainable in WordPress.

Nature in the site

WordPress is among the best options if you’re searching for the blog type website. However, if you are planning an ecommerce website, then Drupal modules and other associated solutions can render some help.

Basically WordPress is regarded as as user-friendly, it is easy to use, an easy task to focus on. Light features and straightforward designs attract many users. However, if we consider it at a programmer’s mindset, then Drupal might appear among the best solutions. Heavy features, customization and complex design; programmer do not want to miss these attributes in one platform.

Further, if you are a launch, then WordPress could be the platform to know. Many often users begin with WordPress and after knowing the basics from the web space, they gradually shift to Drupal. As i have said earlier, WordPress put in at home to get started as it’s easy to understand. But you will find instances, wherein users don’t shift on a vacation platform. The tranquility of of WordPress keeps a grip around the user.

Still, if someone if one is asked whatever one inch both the platforms is much better? The answer is determined by the requirement of anyone. For understanding or selecting system or solution for your website, you need to realise the character of your respective business. The nature and requirements of your organization aid you in selecting a wonderful platform.

WordPress and Drupal, both CMSs have their special features. Are unique in a single or other way. The selection completely is determined by the type along with the need of your internet site or your company.


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